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Madden 21 Next Gen: How to upgrade & more to know about PS5, Xbox Series X releases

  • Night net E-Sports The release of "Madden Night net 21夜网论坛" is here, but the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X aren't.So what happens if you want to play Madden 21 on the next generation consoles, but you don't want to wait several months to play Madden 21? Do you have to buy the game twice, once for the previous console and a second time when the new ones arrive? Well, we'll answer any question you have about the next-gen releases below. Before we get into all of that, though, we should talk about what exactly a next-gen game is. Both Microsoft and Sony are coming out with new consoles in late 2020: the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both consoles will have a set number of games that release with it, and Madden 21 will be included on both.Thankfully, EA Sports and both console makers have made things simple for everyone involved in this process. MORE: Why early Madden 21 reviews should concern potential buyersJump to:Release DatePriceHow to upgradeWhat's new? (EA Sports) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/a8/b0/davante-adams-madden-21-ftr_3uqmdgwfz9hk17rxfcx7zb0eu.png?t=1647309851&w=500&quality=80 Madden 21 Next Gen release dateMadden 21 on the next-gen consoles will release when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release. Microsoft announced a November release fo[......]

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    Projecting Tom Brady's new contract with Buccaneers: How much should Tampa Bay pay QB?

  • NFL Buccaneers American Football Tom Brady still has one year left on his current Buccaneers contract to keep him in Tampa Bay through age 45, fresh off helping the team win Super Bowl 55 at 43. But with the idea of trying to win more Super Bowls, the Bucs reportedly are ready to give him a team-friendly extension. According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, the Bucs are "getting closer" to restructuring his contract, know that it's evident Brady wants to play well into his mid-40s, rejuvenated by winning a seventh ring. MORE: Odds of a Tom Brady, Buccaneers repeat | Top 50 NFL unrestricted free agentsWhen agreeing to join the Bucs in March 2020, Brady got a symmetrical, fully guaranteed two-deal worth $50 million. The average annual salary of $25 million was broken down into $15 million in base salary and $10 million in roster bonuses for last season and the 2021 season. He was also set up for $3.375 million in miscellaneous bonus money. That added up to salary cap hits of $28.375 million for both years. With an adjustment setting up the Buccaneers' cap space to be around $184.5 million for 2021, they will have about $19 million available under the cap, per Spotrac. The Bucs have three key free agents who they are trying to retain with tha[......]

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